Client can check-in for his journey in the office of the Inrut travel agency (hereinafter referred to as organizer). The check in becomes valid when confirmed by the signing of a written contract – travel receipt (hereinafter referred to as Contract). At the check in, the client is required to make the advance payment in the amount of 50% of the package price, while the rest is to be paid fifteen days before the journey begins, unless otherwise specified in the travel program. If the client fails to make the payment in full, the journey is considered to be cancelled.


It is the right and obligation of the organizer to: conclude a travel contract with the client, provide a client with a written travel program (hereinafter referred to as travel program) as well as the general travel conditions (hereinafter referred to as general conditions) and to inform him or her about the offer of possible types of travel insurance; Consistent with good business practices in this area, it takes care of the rights and interests of travelers; It pays a commensurate real difference between the contracted price and the price of the trip reduced in proportion to the non-performance or incomplete performance of services (hereinafter: the difference in price) on the basis of a timely and well-founded written complaint - passenger complaint in accordance with the law.


It is the right and duty of the client to: Know in detail the program and general conditions of travel, conditions of insurance and confirm the acceptance of them in full (on their own behalf and on behalf of the beneficiary for whose purposes); Pay the agreed price under the terms, deadlines and in the manner stipulated by the general conditions and the travel program; Provides the organizer with all the necessary information and documents in time for organizing the trip and guarantees that he/she, his/her documents, luggage, etc. meet the conditions laid down in the regulations of our country, country of transit as well as the destination country (border, customs, sanitary, monetary and other regulations) and provide appropriate travel insurance policies of your choice; Pay damages to the organizer or third parties for violation of legal and other regulations and these conditions; Designate the other person to travel instead (provided that the person fulfills the conditions stipulated for the particular trip) and reimburse the organizer for the real costs caused by the replacement of the passenger; A justified complaint shall be communicated to the organizer without delay on the spot.


Prices are based on the business policy of the organizer and cannot be the subject of a complaint. The organizer may stipulate that services exclusively used abroad are paid directly by the client to a foreign partner. The travel program includes a combination of at least two or more of the following services: transportation, lodging, meals, preparation and travel arrangements, for which a single fare is agreed upon (hereinafter: standard services). The price of the arrangement, unless otherwise provided by the travel program or specially agreed, does not include the costs of: airport taxes, tour guide-companion, local guide, optional programs, use of deck chairs and parasols, obtaining visas, tickets for the facilities, insurance of passengers and luggage, room service, use of room mini bar, air conditioning, recreational, medical, telephone, etc. services, accommodation costs in a single room, special features rooms, additional meals, etc. (hereinafter: special services). Conditions relating to the discounts for children and other benefits that are specifically provided in the travel program are subject to the agreement of the organizer and the service user.


The organizer may require an increase in the agreed fare before the start of the trip if, after the conclusion of the contract, there has been a change in the exchange rate or changes in the carrier's rates and in the cases provided for by law. Client’s consent is not required to increase the published price by up to 10%. If the increase of the total agreed price exceeds 10%, the client can terminate the contract by written cancellation without obligation of compensation, but no later than 48 hours after the written notice of the increase of the price, in which case he is entitled to a refund of what he paid to the organizer. If the traveler fails to notify the organizer in writing of the cancellation of the contract within the specified period, it is considered that he has agreed to the new price. The published discounts on the package price cannot be applied to contracts already concluded and cannot be the basis for any objection - complaint of client against the organizer.


Accommodation facilities and means of transportation and other services are described according to the official categorization of the domicile country at the time of the publication of the travel program, and are different and not comparable by destination, or even within the same destination. Nutrition, comfort and quality of service depend primarily on the price of the arrangement, the chosen destination and categorization determined by local - national regulations and beyond the control and influence of the co - organizers. All services listed in the travel program imply average standards of quality, common and specific to specified destinations and places, and unless the client has specifically contracted the services of special - additional features and qualities, there is no basis to file a complaint with the organizer.


Unless the client has explicitly arranged the accommodation of special features, he/her will accept any officially registered accommodation unit in the accommodation described in the travel program, regardless of the passenger's characteristics, location and position of the building, number of floors, proximity to the noise, parking and other conditions. The agreed accommodation can be replaced by accommodation in an object of the same or higher category, at the expense of the organizer. The client is obliged to accept the change of accommodation in another object of the same or higher category at the agreed location. Accommodation in lower category facilities can only be used with the consent of the client and with the refund to the him/her of the difference in price in proportion to the reduced category of the accommodation. The client assumes the obligation to get to know and obey the rules of behavior in the accommodation facility, and in particular to: deposit and safekeeping of money, treasure and valuables, bringing of food and drinks into the rooms, respecting of the house rules, accommodation and leaving the room at a designated time, number of persons in the room, etc. Unless otherwise agreed, the check-in of the occupants is not earlier than 15:00 h on the day of commencement of the service, and the departure of the facility no later than 09:00 h on the day of the end of the service.

The Organizer does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft, values and valuables and other things of the client, nor for damages on this basis, or for damage resulting from non-compliance with legal regulations, prescribed rules and customs established by the carriers and hoteliers.

The above rules and standards for the accommodation and boarding of clients will, by analogy, also apply to the transfer and carriage of passengers, as well as the regulations, principles and rules laid down by the carrier (eg carriage in any means of transport does not imply numbered seating or a meal and drinks during the trip, unless specifically agreed etc.).


The organizer does not bear the responsibility and is not obliged to acquaint the citizens of other countries with the conditions (visa, customs, health, etc.) applicable to the country of destination or transit, but it is the obligation of the foreign citizen to inform him/her self at the appropriate consulate and to provide the necessary conditions and documents in a timely and orderly manner. The client abroad must have a valid travel document with a validity of at least another 6 months from the day of the end of the trip and submit to the organizer the correct and complete necessary information and documents for obtaining a visa, if these are obtained by the organizer. The organizer does not guarantee a visa, nor a visa within the deadline, and does not bear any responsibility for the malfunction of the travel and other documents, or if the border authorities or immigration services do not approve the entry, transit or further stay of the client. If the client loses his/her travel documents or these are stolen during his/her journey, they are obliged to provide new ones at their own expense in due time and to bear any possible adverse consequences on that basis. The client is obliged to arrange special services related to his/her health condition (chronic diseases, allergies, disabilities, specific nutrition, accommodation, etc.), otherwise the organizer assumes no responsibility or damage on this basis. For travel to countries subject to special rules that include compulsory vaccination or the procurement of certain documents, it is the client's responsibility to carry out the necessary vaccinations and to provide appropriate certificates and bear all the consequences and damage.

The client is obliged to strictly observe customs, foreign exchange and other regulations of the Republic of Montenegro, transit and countries of residence, and in case of inability to continue the journey, ie stay and everything else, all consequences and costs are borne by the client.


The organizer may cancel the contract in whole or in part, in case of extraordinary circumstances, which if had existed at the time of the announcement of the program, would have justified the reason for the organizer not to announce the program and sign the contract, and in the case of insufficient number of checked-in passengers and other objective circumstances, of which he is obliged to inform passengers no later than 5 days before the scheduled start of the trip, with the obligation to make full refund of paid funds within 8 days from the day of cancellation at the latest. Unless specifically stated in the travel program, for the trip to be realized, the minimum number of passengers checked in should be: 40 bus passengers, 20 European scheduled flights, 15 intercontinental flights, on specially contracted air charter lines, trains or hydrofoils at least 80% of capacity occupancy.

In the event of a complete cancellation of the contract, the organizer will endeavor to offer the client an alternative travel program for the same or another destination, which the client accepts or rejects in writing within 24 hours, and in case of acceptance of the new contract the traveler waives any claims on any legal basis towards the organizer, based on the originally concluded contract. The organizer reserves the right to change the day or hour of travel, as well as the right to change the route of the trip, if the conditions for travel are changed (changed flight schedule, safety situation, natural disaster or other extraordinary and objective circumstances and force majeure) without obligation to pay damages or any other compensation to the client. In these cases, the organizer will bear the additional costs of changing the travel program. If the commenced trip is terminated for justified reasons, the organizer is entitled to a fee for the services actually provided.


The client has the right to cancel the trip, which he/she is obliged to inform the organizer in writing. The date of the written cancellation is the basis for calculating the fee that belongs to the organizer, expressed as a percentage of the total cost of the trip, as follows:

• 10% if the trip is canceled up to 30 days,
• 20% if canceled 29 to 20 days,
• 40% if canceled 19 to 15 days,
• 80% if canceled 14 to 10 days,
• 90% if canceled 9 to 6 days,
• 100% if canceled 5 to 0 days before the start of the trip or while traveling.

Changing the agreed place and date of travel, accommodation facility, accommodation unit, failure to obtain a visa, etc. is considered as a travel waiver. The client is obliged to reimburse the organizer only for actual or incurred expenses, if the cancellation was due to: illness or death of the client, spouse, heir of first category, brother or sister, or officially declared natural disaster. For these cases, the client is obliged to provide the organizer with evidence proving the rights from health insurance on the basis of temporary disability to work (certificate of the elected doctor in the field of general medicine). Cases of local terrorist attacks, explosions, infections, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, climatic conditions, etc. for which no state of emergency has been declared by the competent state authorities cannot be considered as justified reasons. In the event that the client who had canceled provides a suitable replacement or the replacement is made by the organizer himself, he is obliged to reimburse the client for the total amount paid, after deducting only the actual and incurred expenses. In case of cancellation of the contract, the passenger will not be refunded the amount paid to the organizer for the visa mediation.


Carrying luggage up to a certain weight specified by the airline is free of charge. Excess baggage is paid for by the passenger at the applicable airline rates. When traveling by bus, a passenger can carry 2 pieces of luggage. Children under 2 years old are not entitled to free luggage. The passenger is obliged to take care of his belongings carried in in the means of transport, of giving or taking over the luggage handed over to the carrier, as well as carried into the accommodation facility. All the rights stated above are exercised directly by the passenger from the carrier, the accommodation provider, etc., and in accordance with the applicable international regulations, domestic regulations and the valid general rules.


The tour operator is obliged to inform the client about the possibility of securing health insurance policy during their stay abroad, as well as baggage insurance, accident insurance and cancellation insurance and for travel in Montenegro. It is recommended that the client provides insurance policies for the specified travel insurance package.


Manner and conditions for resolving client’s complaint and reclamation:

• The client is obliged to notify the local organizer’s representative without delay on the spot, and if he/she is not available, cooperate directly with the organizer and direct service provider (eg carrier, hotelier, etc.) in good faith to eliminate the causes of the complaint and accept offered solution that fits the contracted service,
- If the cause of the complaint is not remedied on the spot, the client, with a representative of the organizer or service provider, draws up a written confirmation in duplicate, which both sign. The traveler retains one copy of this certificate. If the cause of the complaint is eliminated on the spot, the passenger is obliged to sign a certificate of the same, otherwise the fact that he continued to use the offered solution is considered to have been completed in full,
- If the deficiencies are not remedied on the spot, the client is obliged to submit to the organizer, within 8 days after the agreed end date of the trip, a justified and documented written complaint (confirmation of complaint, invoices on paid additional costs, request for types of non-performed services factually specified) and quantified with respect to each client individually and other evidence) and claim a refund of the difference in price. Every client who signs the contract on his own behalf and on behalf of the person from the contract or the person with duly authorized representation, submits the complaint individually, because the organizer will not consider group complaints,
• The Organizer is obliged to take into consideration only timely, reasoned and documented complaints, which could not be eliminated during the on-site travel,
- The organizer is obliged to provide the client with a written reply within 8 days, or within 15 days to pay to the client the difference in price, from the day of receiving the valid complaint.

If the complaint is incomplete and needs to be arranged, the organizer will provide the client with a reply to arrange the complaint within the given deadline under the threat of leakage.

The organizer shall, in accordance with good business practices and within the legal deadline, answer the client also for complaints that are untimely, unfounded or disorderly.

The difference in the cost of the client's claim can only reach the amount of the advertised but not performed part of the service, it cannot cover the already used services, nor can it reach the total price of the travel program.


The personal data of the passenger, provided voluntarily by the client, is the trade secret of the organizer. The client agrees that the organizer may use the personal information for the realization of the agreed travel program and promotional activities of the organizer, whereby the addresses, place, time and price of the trip and the names of the companions may not be disclosed to other persons, except to persons determined by special regulations.

General Manager

Milena Lopičić